Our step by step process

Step 1.  Send us a Sample or Drawing.

Send us a sample or a drawing of what you want to match up to.

Step 2.  Matching your pattern.

We will have a look through our extensive tooling range to see if we already have tooling to match your profile. If we don’t then we copy your profile exactly and make a template drawing.

Step 3.  Making the template.

The template drawing in then cut in to a plastic profile using our CNC template machine to be used as a guide to make the tooling.

Step 4.  Making the tooling

We produce the tooling from steel bars using the template as a guide.

Step 5.  Machining the profile in to the timber of your choice.

The tooling is then placed on to one of our moulders to produce an exact match to your pattern.

Step 6.  The finished product.

The product is finished to your bespoke specifications ready for delivery or collection.

Get In Touch

If you're interested in this service reach out via our contact form with details of your requirement and any images you may wish to share. The team will give you a call back to discuss your project!